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Swan been adopted by herring
Date: 6 December 2016

I just wanted to report at Salford quays there was a young swan probably about 5 months old. Not sure of it was abandoned by its was going brown. It had died at the side of the quays. It sadly took 8 calls to report this and hoping the 8th call is now finding out who needs to pick this up as it's in a public space where the Swan is.

Two things I wanted to say firstly there needs to be better communication from councils and agencies on who deals with stuff like this.

Secondly I also wanted to say a herring was standing by the Swan this morning and it turns out they had befriended each other over the last few months. Sounds crazy but they were paired togethor constantly in the water. So it was really sad to see the herring in such a public area standing next to the Swan. So maybe swan or animals do create kin ship with other animals ......?

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