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Re: Mute Swan Feeding
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 20 December 2016
In Response To: Mute Swan Feeding (Jack)

Hi Jack

You can tell if the swans start wandering to find something to eat. If they find the food trough, you will know by how much they are eating. If they are eating continually, then you may need to provide more food.

We would suggest that you mix the poultry layer pellets with cracked corn. The corn will act as a filler and will also provide them with critical Vitamin A. If the swans lack Vitamin A, they could develop some neurological issues. We would also suggest that you add lettuce to the trough during the winter months to help supplement vegetative requirements.

Ensure that the trough is nearby or on top of the water so that the swans do not choke on the food as they must have water to eat. Also, keep the food in an area not to attract pests such as rats and ants or predators. In the cold, (unless you have a de-icer or the pond does not freeze), predators can be attracted to the food and the swans. Frozen ponds allow predators to walk on the ice and attack any waterfowl that cannot escape. So, this is another consideration about the placement of the food. We recommend that the feeder is suspended over the water, approximately 3 feet into the pond away from the bank so that the swans cannot get attacked while feeding, especially at night. If you have an enclosed pond (so that predators cannot dig under or climb over the enclosure to access the swans), then the suspended feeder may not be needed.

Again, cracked corn and lettuce added to the mix should address any nutritional issues during the winter months. We hope this information is of benefit to you. The Regal Swan

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