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Re: How to get swans to come to our lake?
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 6 February 2017
In Response To: How to get swans to come to our lake? (Mary Ann)

Hi Mary Ann:

Unfortunately, wild swans must determine their habitat by searching for adequate food, shelter and nesting resources free from predators. Another issue with swans in Indiana is that this is a state like many other states that are killing Mute Swans to open their habitat to introduce the larger Trumpeter Swans for Trophy Waterfowl hunting. Larger game provides more expensive permits to increase state and federal wildlife coffers.

So, this is not about conservation, but about increased wildlife budget income.

If the swans appear in an area that attracts a lot of attention and someone around the lake reports the swans, they can be killed by state wildlife officials. Resources or even hunting may be causing the swans to stay in the middle lake so that their presence is harder to detect or access.

We would suggest that you let nature take its course and if your pond is sufficient, the swans may appear. Unfortunately, if the swans stay and someone complains they could be killed. This is all to often the case when homes surround a lake. There is always someone who will complain and the state will ultimately kill the swans. The Regal Swan

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