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Swan on busy road
Date: 8 February 2017

Outside my office window I have a little pond that has a beautiful pair of swans. I have been watching them for over a year now. There is actually a row of 6 ponds, but one is separated by a busy 4 lane street. This morning one of them ended up on the (bridge) street. People were trying to stop traffic and coach him back to the right pond but cars were not wanting to stop and he could not hop over the guard rail and ended up taking off down the street. Animal control came out and chased him to the pond that is separated by the road. He has been there for about 6 hours now. I pray that he will find his way back to his mate who has been in the same spot all day. They are both usually swimming with each other I have never seen them apart. Will he/she be able to find its way back to the other side on its own? I am worried if it does it will be hit by a car. The speed limit on this road is 50mph. Would it be better to leave it alone or see if our wildlife rescue can help get it back to the right pond with its mate?

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