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Re: Muscovy ducks killing Swans eggs
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 26 February 2017
In Response To: Muscovy ducks killing Swans eggs (Jennifer)

Hi Jennifer

Did you see the Muscovy Ducks actually chase the swans and attack the eggs? We ask, because typically the swans will chase ducks or geese if they get anywhere near the nest and ducks do not destroy the eggs. Swans are so much larger than the Muscovy Ducks and they are not afraid of the ducks and could actually injure the ducks so it is highly unlikely that the ducks will go near the nest with the swans protecting it.

We think that a predator (human or animal) has attacked the eggs and the Muscovy Ducks are taking over the nest once the swans abandon the eggs. Wildlife officials will destroy the eggs of the Mute Swans so they cannot reproduce. If the eggs are okay during the day and then overnight the Muscovy Ducks go to the nest, more than likely it is a predator of some sort. If it is a predator (human or animal), the swans will quickly abandon the nest leaving it for other wildlife to use. If you actually have seen Muscovy Ducks attack the swans, there is not much you can do other than pen the swans (which will not be successful with wild swans). Additionally, Muscovy Ducks are actually a protected species. The Regal Swan

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