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Re: Swans and ice
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 11 March 2017
In Response To: Swans and ice (Joy)

Hi Joy:

If they are wild swans and can fly, they should be okay as they will look for another open waterway. If they stay around, they must know that there is still some water available. The problems that can occur for swans with freezing ponds is access and attack by predators, drowning, freezing to the ice, starvation, dehydration stress and susceptibility to stress and cold which can lead to illness, injury and/or death.

Again, it totally depends on the ability to fly. If these are captive swans, (rendered unable to fly) they need to be captured and brought inside until the pond thaws. This capture must be done carefully so that no one (human or swans) fall through the ice. The Regal Swan

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