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Muscovy ducks harass our mute swans
Date: 20 March 2017

We have a nesting pair of mute swans in our retention pond and for the second year in a row, three Muscovy ducks have appeared to harass them, intimidating them off the nest. Last year, they actually got into the nest and knocked 3 of the 6 eggs into the water. The swans do not defend their nest, they just get off and back away. If in the water, the Muscovies try to keep them from approaching the nest. Last year we observed one Muscovy duck try to kill the swan by holding its head under the water. All of this has been seen by me personally so its not another predator. They come to the nest a few times a day.

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Muscovy ducks harass our mute swans -- Nancy -- 20 March 2017
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