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Re: How to catch my pet swan
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 18 April 2017
In Response To: How to catch my pet swan (Midge)

Hi Midge

Will the homeowners use their boat to herd him onshore or would they let you use a couple of kayaks to herd him onshore? Either way, you will need some help to herd him onshore and keep him from getting back into the water. If none of this is possible, then you need to feed him several times a day, each time getting him out of the water farther and farther from the water until you can reach out and grab him. You will only get one chance because he will not risk you trying to capture him again.

A cast net could possibly cause a severe head injury and knock him out causing him to drown. Without a boat or kayaks to hasten the capture, this is going to be extremely difficult. You might see if there is a wildlife rescue group in your area that might be able to help, but again, they will probably want to use a boat.

Once you do capture him, you will need to completely enclose your pond or he will walk again. Going through the woods opens him to predation by wild or domestic predators. The Regal Swan

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