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Re: Intoduction of yearling
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 20 July 2017
In Response To: Re: Intoduction of yearling (Tom)

Hi Tom

In our experience, moving any of swans from an established home is hard on all of the birds due to the separation from members and the habitat that they were raised. Your home is their home. Each of the swans are family members.

We have seen situations where swans were separated only for introducing another swan for the lone "man/woman" out.

The following problems usually occur:

All swans concerned may begin to wander to look for the other swans, both at the home and new home site. This increases the chances of predation, getting injured or lost due to the wandering. We have known several instances in which transplanted swans were dead within a matter of months after being displaced from their longtime habitat.

Once separated, there are no guarantees that the lone swan will accept another swan into the habitat.

There are no guarantees that the home you place the swans will provide or continue to provide the care that you have and continue to provide. We have seen many times that someone who wanted swans, finally get them only to tire of the responsibilities and give the swans to someone else. Your swans could eventually be passed from one to several homes without you ever knowing where they have gone and what conditions they are living. Once sold or given away, the receiver is under no obligation to let you know what happens to the swans. These situations occur more than you will ever know, especially when wildlife regulations become more restricted and no one wants to continue maintaining swans. None of these scenarios are fair to the swans.

We have seen other instances in which someone gave away their swans, introduced another swan and due to injury, illness or other calamity both swans died. Then, the owners were left with no swans and had to repurchase new swans which had to be acclimated to the pond and hope that everything worked out.

It is for the above reasons that we strongly suggest that all possibilities which could ultimately affect the birds for many years be considered. In their eyes, the swans know you and trust you. Swans in good care can last up to 30 years which is a huge lifelong commitment for swan owners. You may be a responsible swan owner, but you must consider if someone else will maintain the same care and commitment that you have shown. The Regal Swan

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