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Re: How to determine gender
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 18 July 2013
In Response To: How to determine gender (Bill)

Hi Bill

The swan needs to be sexed by an avian veterinarian. This can be done through probing ( the least reliable method if the swan is too young) or through DNA Sequencing ( the most reliable method no matter the bird's age).

As far as getting a mate, you may need a permit. In some areas , government wildlife personnel may try to kill swans, especially if they are Mute Swans. There are also no guarantees that the swan will accept a mate. Can the swan fly? If it can, then the bird will probably find its own mate. To introduce a new swan, you will need to build a pen. 1/2 on land, !/2 in water completely enclosed top to bottom to protect from predators with a feeder inside. Then, the new swan (opposite gender as two males or females may try to kill each other) must be penned for two weeks to watch for any signs of aggression. Then, it must be closely watched after its release onto the pond.

You may also then need a permit for breeding and you will eventually need to find a good home for the cygnets once they reach 6-8 months of age. The parents will chase the cygnets from the habitat for the next breeding season. Swans can produce 1-13 cygnets each year during their breeding lifetime and the need to find the cygnets a home yearly will be a concern. We would suggest to let nature take its course and if it is a wild bird to let it find its own mate. The Regal Swan

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