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Re: a swan has just appeared out of nowhere
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 20 July 2013
In Response To: a swan has just appeared out of nowhere (Michele)

Hi Michele:

If you can safely capture the swan (being careful that it does not hit you with its wings), we would strongly suggest you take it indoors into a garage (free from chemicals or other gasoline fumes), a bathroom or other indoor structure where it will be safe from predators domestic (dogs, cats, people) or wild (raccoon, foxe, bobcats, etc.) predators. You do not want it to get startled and run back into traffic. It may have been struck by a car.

Place the bird on a non-skid surface. Use towels or sheets, no newspaper, plastic or other slippery surface or the bird can hurt its legs and feet.

It should be checked out immediately by an avian (bird) veterinarian or a veterinarian with waterfowl/bird background. If you have an emergency veterinary service or wildlife center, we would suggest that you get it there quickly.

If you cannot get it to such a veterinarian or wildlife center, then take it indoors and offer it water, lettuce and some bread. Usually, you should not feed an injured or questionable injured animal/bird until a veterinarian has examined it, but since you may not have access to such a facility or veterinarian tonight, the best thing to do would bring it in for shelter and offer food.

Please also be advised that some veterinarians know nothing about a swan and some veterinarians and wildlife centers will opt to euthanize the bird because of state laws or lack of knowledge. Please ensure that they do not kill it just to be killing it and try to find someone who will treat it and find it a good home.

Please let us know how this situation progresses. Good luck. The Regal Swan

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