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Want to buy a mate for our 3 mo. old swam
Date: 9 August 2013

Hello, I have tried to locate a male yearling Mute Swan for a companion to our only surviving 3 month old Mute Swan. I have noticed no one is allowed to ship Mute Swans to California, so I have tried to find a breeder or someone in California who has a male yearling they want to sell or give away.

I raised the Mute baby swan after finding the other two stomped to death and one other egg missing. I had to do something to help it survive. My daughter and I had raised 5 baby Mallards that were abandoned last year, so we tried the same and now the baby is 3 months old.

We live on 3 acres and we have our own lake with Koi and a pair of Mute Swans that are the parents of this baby.
Please if you would let me know who I can contact here in California to purchase a companion for our baby.

Thank you so much,


P.S. I don't know for sure is our baby is female or male, but I call her "Bella". She responds to my whistle and my voice, I love her dearly.

This picture is when she was a few weeks old, she is much bigger now.

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