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Re: Cygnet with raw looking neck
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 10 August 2013
In Response To: Cygnet with raw looking neck (MT)

Hi MT:

The first thing is that everyone needs to know about this inhumane practice. Please get a photo of the bird and video if possible, post on Facebook, YouTube and any other social media that you can access including Explain what is occurring and see if people can video or photograph the killing. Public outrage and boycotting of services, tourism, etc., will get the attention of public officials that this is not an acceptable occurrence.

We are very well aware of this unnecessary suffering by Mute Swans because some purist biologist or other biased group wants to see them killed.

The second thing that you can do is to try and find a waterfowl/avian veterinarian that shares your concern. Many state and federal wildlife entities have threatened anyone helping this birds, so be careful as they may just euthanize the bird instead of caring for it. This is the reason that you are having trouble with the wildlife rehabilitators. Many of these entities receive state and federal permits and possibly funding and will lose these if the are caught treating the birds. As you can see, this is a threat and retaliation for not treating the birds. Then, we question if this is a monetary situation, is the animal's welfare truly these entities' ulterior motive for establishing wildlife facilities or why they do not loudly voice their opposition to these cullings.

If you can capture the bird (again you may be in violation of the law and we are not suggesting that you break the law), but if you choose to help the bird, then we would suggest that you get a skin scraping. This will determine if the problem is caused by a parasite (mite, etc.) or if it is stressed related. If it is stress related, the bird may have seen other birds killed and is extremely traumatized and plucks its feathers to handle the stress. If it is a parasite, you may be able to treat it with a topical spray that will help kill the parasite and let the feathers return. DO NOT use an ointment as it can spread to the other feathers and prevent the swan from being able to normally preen itself.

Another avenue is to contact Bob Knox at Knox Dog and Swans in Illinois (847) 875-3947 to see if he might know someone in your area that can help the young bird. The Regal Swan

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