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Rearing Mute Swans
Date: 27 August 2013

Hi, I'm from Australia and have two pairs of mute swans over here. They both have bred in the past and successfully reared their young. When they had the cygnets I covered the entire enclosure with netting as to protect the young from crows. When left previously with the parents with no no netting the crows took all the chicks within a few days. This season unfortunately I have had to take the netting down because the land owner does not like the aesthetics. I still want to breed the swans as they are quite rare over here. The only way I can think off to achieve this is to hand rear the chicks. I have tried to hand rear them years ago but they ended up with splayed tendons: I think they grew too fast and their legs could not support their body weight..?.. Would you guys have any information or people i could contacts on correct diet for the cygnets? Thanks Nicole

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