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Re: Lonely trumpeter swan
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 13 September 2013
In Response To: Lonely trumpeter swan (Kathie)

Hi Kathie:

You might want to contact Bob Knox at Knox Swans in Illinois as he may be able to help you procure an age appropriate mate. However, you may need to have a permit for another swan, especially of the opposite gender as some states require breeding licenses. Once the cygnets are hatched, they will require veterinary care such as pinioning, vaccination and other care that may increase the price of caring for a large group of swans. Additionally, you may need to find the cygnets another home if they are chased from the area during the next nesting season. This need to find a home may qualify you as a breeder and this is why you may need a permit for the new swan. If you introduce a swan of the same gender, then you may not need a breeder's permit, only a possession permit. So, check with your local authorities. Trumpeter swans are also considered a protective species in many states and you may need to have a Federal permit stating that you did not procure the swan from the wild.

To introduce a Mute Swan and then later a Trumpeter will only complicate matters. If the new swan (Trumpeter) is not accepted by the Trumpeter because it bonds with the Mute, then you will need to find the new Trumpeter a home. If the reverse occurs and the Mute Swan is left out as the odd swan, then eventually, you will have to find it another home.

Many times, swans live their lives (especially captive swans) alone and will get along just fine with some geese, ducks or other captive/exotic waterfowl. We hope this information is of benefit. The Regal Swan

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