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Re: mate died
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 24 September 2013
In Response To: mate died (Sharon)

Hi Sharon:

Do you know how old the swan was, its gender and how it died? To place another swan in the same environment if the swan died from illness or poisoning, you may have the same thing happen to the new swan.

If the swan was an older swan, there is nothing to say that the remaining swan will not die from old age in the near future.

Usually, male swans will not re-pair if their mate dies. Usually, females will re-pair, however, none of this is a set rule because it totally depends on the species of swan, individual attributes and age. So, even if you introduce a new swan, there are no guarantees that the swans will accept each other.

There are several things that must be done in order to introduce a new swan:

* You may need a permit from your local wildlife commission as most states now require permits to introduce new swans or possess the birds.

* You must capture the remaining swan and have it sexed to ensure that YOU DO NOT place a swan of the same gender on the pond as the birds may seriously injure or kill each other.

* You will need to build a pen (1/2 in the water and 1/2 on land with a feeder inside). The pen must be totally enclosed top to bottom so that no predator can dig under the pen or climb into the pen to access the new bird. The new swan will need to remain in the pen for approximately 2 weeks to allow the new swan and the remaining swan to get to know each other, allow the new swan to learn its habitat, learn how to feed and know you as its keeper.

*You will need to get a swan from a licensed breeder to ensure that it is pinioned (rendered unable to fly), meet all veterinary care standards and is not sick or injured. We would recommend Knox Swans in Illinois.

All of this preparation may be moot if the swans do not accept each other. Also, if the remaining swan should die due to old age, etc., then you now have another swan that will be alone and you will need to start this whole process over again.

It has been our experience to allow swans in this type of situation some time to ensure that nothing is wrong with the remaining birds, nothing wrong with the habitat (i.e., poisoning, etc.).

You will find that in most instances, the swan will do just fine on its own, but by giving it some time, may allow it to accept a new swan if you choose to add another swan. The Regal Swan

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