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Re: Missing swan
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 7 October 2013
In Response To: Re: Missing swan (The Regal Swan)

Hi Abbe

The Regal Swan Foundation is located in Orlando, therefore, we are somewhat familiar with your area. Since swans are not native to Florida, the swans are probably escapees from a captive setting. They could be swans or offspring of swans that were never pinioned ( meaning rendered unable to fly) which is required by state law to prevent feral populations. This procedure is also for the safety of the birds because it prevents them from leaving the captive setting and going into unsuitable areas such as salt water, alligator or other predator areas or flying into electrical lines, cars or buildings.

More than likely the other bird flew away or is in a more suitable location nearby. If the swan can fly it is highly unlikely that you will be able to capture it unless you can entice it with food so that it will come to you and you can grab it. Don't worry about the swan if it is uncapturable as the swan will take care of itself. As long as it can fly and is eating it should be fine. Remember, wildlife is pretty durable. The bird id not going to stay in an area that it finds unsuitable. The Regal Swan

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