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Mink killed my Swan
Date: 21 October 2013

Having spent many hundreds of pounds on fencing and electric wiring I have still failed and the mink killed my 9 year old female swan on protecting her mate and the ducks she fought to the bitter end, I got to her too late having heard the noise early hours this morning, she died in my arms, her mate of 9 years has sat with me for the last few hours he has taken food but keeps making a pathetic little noise, I have managed to get him back on my small lake, flood lights presently on and I will sit with them all night every night until I find someone to exterminate the mink, is there any chance my male swan will settle with the geese and ducks they normally hang out with or do I need to find a mate for him, your advise would be most appreciated?

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Mink killed my Swan -- Janie -- 21 October 2013
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