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Re: Wild swans to deter geese
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 28 October 2013
In Response To: Wild swans to deter geese (Erica)

Hi Erica:

Unfortunately, New York is one of the states that is culling swans, specifically the wild Mute Swans. So, even if you attracted the birds, there is no guarantee that the state would not go out in the middle of the night, decapitate the adults and stomp the cygnets to death. This is the eradication methods used by many states instead of shooting so as not to alert humans that this culling is being conducted.

Yes, depending on the species and the individual swan, swans can chase geese from the area. In fact, there is a gentleman, Bob Knox of Knox Swan and Dog in Illinois that specifically uses swans and/or Border Collies to chase the geese.

Because you are in an area that is culling swans, we would suggest that trying to lure swans into an area that the state is stocking with fish and monitoring, the swans would be at great risk. The Regal Swan

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