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Will swans abandon their eggs?
Date: 8 November 2013

Near where I live is a large pond which is part of a string of wetlands which runs along the coastal plain. We have had a couple of swans build their nest very close to a walking path, with a fence between them and the path. They have taken turns on the nest non stop for the past three weeks. Yesterday one of them was tending to their seven eggs but suddenly today their is only one and the swans are no where to be seen. It's apparent they have abandoned the nest and the one remaining egg. Someone said they may have pushed the eggs into the surrounding water. Would a swan do that to their eggs? Why would they have abandoned the last one? It's possible humans have interfered with the nest but I was wondering if their is another viable explanation? Thanks heaps.

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Will swans abandon their eggs? -- Helena -- 8 November 2013
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