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Re: Juvenile swan rejected?
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 11 November 2013
In Response To: Juvenile swan rejected? (Joe)

Hi Joe & Diane:

There could be a couple of issues occurring.

1. The cygnet is the oldest male and is now starting to assume his new role on the pond and has gained independence.

2. If there is something wrong with the cygnet, ill or injured, the parents will chase it so that a predator or illness does not find its way back to the rest of the family.

Will the cygnet come up to you to accept food? If you can get the young bird to keep coming up to you for food, place the food slowly up the bank until you can get it close enough to try and grab it. If the cygnet can fly, it may fly away during winter migration with the rest of the family, and this may be a moot point. So, you would only want to try and capture it if the swan does not leave the area with the rest of the family.

We would suggest that you be extremely careful with this cygnet as to which entity you might give it to for care until spring time and eventual release back onto the pond. Michigan wildlife officials as well as other states are now culling Mute swans, meaning they are killing the adults by shooting or decapitation and young cygnets stomped to death. If you turn the cygnet over to the wrong entity, they may euthanize it instead of turning back onto the pond. If you do capture the swan, and cannot find a suitable home please contact us and we will try to find a good home for it. The Regal Swan

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