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Re: Mute swans in 30 degree weather
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 3 December 2013
In Response To: Mute swans in 30 degree weather (Juce)

Hi Juce:

Does your pond freeze? If so, then they may be in jeopardy. However, the parents will take them off if they can fly. The cygnets should be ready to fly so when the time comes, the parents should take them on the migratory path. Now, having said this, if the pond does not freeze or the parents are used to the area and they do not leave, then everything should be fine The parents know what they are doing and will know how to best protect the family.

Unfortunately, Michigan is not the only states killing the swans needlessly. Arkansas, Maryland, New York and several others are just as culpable.

If you Google: Save Our Mute Swans, you will see a plethora of listings from various organizations throughout the U.S. trying to stop this culling. Each is asking for the signing of petitions, so if you can tell your friends and keep signing, we might be able to stop this killing. The Regal Swan

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