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Re: Snow geese now?
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 27 December 2013
In Response To: Snow geese now? (Kathy)

Hi Kathy:

We just had a report of a cygnet (Mute Swan) found in the Gulf of Mexico this week. So, there are two things possibly occurring:

1. The swan and the geese that you are seeing are someone's captive flock that have escaped.

2. They all were blown off the migratory path and landed in your area and the gulf. If this is the case, they all will get their senses and strength back and should fly away unless someone feeds them and they find this a nice comfy area to stay.

As far as snow geese, the most prominent coloration is white with the lesser blue coloration also occurring. One of the winter migration grounds runs along the south from Louisiana, Mississippi and a little further north. It is quite plausible that the birds were blown further south.

There is also a possibility that the birds you might be seeing from a distance could be Muscovy Ducks. Muscovies have the same bulky body and have white heads and necks. Without a photo, there is no way of knowing which of these species the birds might be or if they even might be another species of waterfowl. If you can get a photo, please send it to us. Thank you for caring. The Regal Swan

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