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Re: Frigid Temps
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 7 January 2014
In Response To: Frigid Temps (freezing swan)


The bird is placing its head back onto its wings because the down from the feathers are able to keep it warm.

If the pond cannot totally freeze because of the aerator, then, the swan has a better chance of survival. However, if the swan is staying solely on the ice and is in an area that it cannot reach the safety of water, especially if the unfrozen area is not very large, then it could be attacked by a predator walking onto the ice.

If you can capture the swan, you might want to bring it indoors (shed, barn, garage-free from chemicals/gases, or bathroom). You will need to line the bottom of the indoor shelter with either straw or sheets and provide a large bowl of water in which you can submerge the swans' food (cracked corn, poultry layer pellets, lettuce and small amounts of bread). Change the water frequently.

If the pond is too large or to dangerous for humans to reach the bird, then it is going to be difficult to capture the swan. Unfortunately, due to the fact that it cannot fend for itself by not being able to fly, the chances for predator attack is great. If you can safely herd the swan off the ice so that it can be captured, or into the water area for capture, then the chances of survival increases. If the swan accepts food from you, you may be able to lure the bird onto land and try to effect a capture.

Hopefully, the weather will get better in the next few days. Once the weather gets better and the ice melts, you might consider getting a boat and trying to capture the swan prior to the next cold front and keeping it indoors for a couple of weeks until the weather improves. If there is no way of keeping the bird indoors, then again, it will have to fend for itself. The Regal Swan

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