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Re: Swan stuck in Ice in NH
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 14 January 2014
In Response To: Swan stuck in Ice in NH (Kristina)

Hi Kristina:

We would try to find out who the "lady" is and her intentions. Yes, many states are viewing the mute swans as non-native (there is research stating otherwise), but they will kill the adults and stomp the young to death, all under the auspice of bringing back the Trumpeter Swan. The Trumpeter Swan is the largest waterfowl and the intent is to bring them back in large numbers. In doing so, in the next few years they will be hunted as Trophy Waterfowl. All of this is going on quietly by state and federal wildlife officials because if the public found out how taxpayer monies were being used in this culling, there would be a major backlash.

If you cannot find the name of the individual, if she is a licensed wildlife rehabilitator, or the disposition of the swan, you might try going to your local television, media outlets and place a public inquisition as to what happened to the bird and let people know what is going on with the culling of these birds.

You can also contact your local, state and federal senators, representatives to let them know that you are strongly against this culling. Start a petition, sign the petition to save the swans on and get involved with Save the Mute Swans, an organization that is trying to stop the culling. The Regal Swan

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