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Re: New swans in pond (in the State of Georgia)
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 22 January 2014

Hi Darren:

What is the color of the beak? If it is orange, they are Mute Swans and if they have a black bill with a yellow area between the bill and the eye (called the lore) then they are Tundra Swans. Tundra Swans have been known to fly into Georgia on the migratory path. Mutes normally don't go that far south. However, whether they are Mute or Tundra, they may be using your pond as a stopover from the inclement weather. They may have been blown off their intended path in the heavy winds and snow. Once they get their bearings back, better weather for flying returns, they probably will leave the area.

If the swans are wild and not used to people, the birds may not want to stay in the area. Trying to feed the swans may be useless because if they have not been fed by people, they will probably flee rather than come towards you. If they are used to people and you feed them, they may stay long enough to get a couple of meals, but if they were traveling south for migration, they probably will only stay temporarily and then be on their way. The Regal Swan

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