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Re: Are they ok in this North East weather
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 25 January 2014

Hi Robyn:

You probably need to bring them into a shed, garage or barn (safe from predators digging under or climbing into the shelter). Predators can access the swans on snow and ice, so you need to bring them indoors, especially during this next winter blast coming your way. The swans will be fine indoors, just make sure there is no draft and that they can stay warm. Bedding should be straw mucked daily. Keep the food submerged in a large bowl of water, replenish with food and water often.

The birds will need to be lightly sprayed with water daily (just a spritz of warm water) so that they can preen themselves. Once the weather abates and you are planning to return them to the unfrozen pond, several days before, completely soak them with water. They must be totally soaked, dry them with a towel and allow them to preen the rest of the way. This needs to be done at least twice before you return them to the pond as they can drown if they do not waterproof their feathers. Keeping any waterfowl inside without submerging them in water can prevent this waterproofing. The Regal Swan

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