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Brought a Black Swan home: How to take care of it?
Date: 1 February 2014

Ok here is my story, I found this black swan in my parking lot at work, i took it back to the place i thought it came from and found out the people that had it moved and just left it... and the water been frozen up a bit so im thinking it needed shelter and water and food... so i thought i am not leaving it, so i took it home... but i dont have much of resource for it right now because of the weather, no pond not nothing so i put it in my Tub, it seems happy, and then i walk it outside when im not working but i keep it locked up in a Big Big Crate box when no one is around because i dont know what kind of wildlife is out there plus have dogs around. This swans wings have been clipped so it cant fly. So i really need to keep it protected... but im worry i am not giving what it needs, i read up what they eat but i cant seem to get it eating nothing but bread, and it loves it and cant feed it fast enough.

So my question is... How to take better care of it and this swan is very friendly right now and doesnt run from anyone just stands there... So if i found a home for it, i just cant give it to anyone, i got to find a home for it where its very protected.

Give me some tips on what else i can try to feed them... it mostly eats while its in the tub, it loves it.

Im getting very attach to this Black Swan...

Thank you

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