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Re: Lone Swan
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 1 February 2014
In Response To: Lone Swan (Jeanette)

Hi Jeanette:

Can you tell us what color the swan is that you see. Is it black or white? We have had a comment from someone losing a black swan and this may be the mate.

If the lake is completely frozen and the swan cannot drink or stay in the water, it could drown, starve or a predator could access the lake and kill it. Does the swan come to you for food? Can you capture the bird or call a wildlife rehabilitation center to see if they can help you capture it?

How long has the swan been on the lake? Is it captive or wild? Can it fly. If it is a captive swan, it may be pinioned and not able to fly. If it is wild, then it should be able to fly. You will know immediately if you approach the swan to try and capture it. The swan may have flown to the lake to rest or got caught in the bad weather and could go no further. If the weather clears and the swan can fly, it may leave. However, the swan is used to your lake and there is still ample water, the bird may continue staying in the area. There are too many variables in this scenario since we don't know if it is wild or captive. The best option is to see if there is enough water in the lake (about 20-30 feet in circumference) and/or contact a wildlife rehabilitation facility to assess the situation. The bottom line is that if the lake freezes totally, the swan needs to be rescued and placed in a facility until the lake re-thaws or better weather returns. The Regal Swan

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