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Smallest size for pond for pair of black swans?
Date: 4 February 2014

I rescued a pair of. Black Swans from a golf course in Palm Springs. The male was very aggressive and animal control gave an order to get rid of them. I took them to my kennel and have read everything on care and feeding. They built a nest out of hay that we put in for them and hatched one cygnet. This is unusual because it is January. We are planning to move them to a large outdoor fenced area and put in a small pond, the area has fruit trees for shade and we will put in sod because we know the love grass. My question is. What is the smallest pond they can have. It is very expensive to install a pond and I want to do it right or it is a waste of money. We plan to keep supplementing them with food, so pond will not be their only source. They seem to love the small swimming pools of the homes around the golf course even though they had a large lake to use. Also will they breed again this year at the proper time? The cygnet is two weeks old and doing fine. We have kiddy pools with little ramps for it.

Thank you, I hope you have some answers.


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Smallest size for pond for pair of black swans? -- Suzann -- 4 February 2014
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