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Re: isolated swan
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 28 February 2014
In Response To: isolated swan (Teri)

Hi Teri:

The swan looks to be okay. As long as there is enough water for it to bathe, preen, exit, drink and possibly eat, then it should be okay. If the entire pond should freeze, the swan could drown it is not able to leave the water, it could die from freezing by not being able to keep warm and dry or be attacked by a predator able to access the bird on the ice.

As long as the swan is moving and dipping its head in the water or exhibiting other normal behavior, it should be okay. You have to be careful in NY calling anyone or any wildlife facility as the NY DEC is presently proposing to kill all Mute Swans in New York. So, be sure that if the swan needs help, the person conducting the rescue has the swan's best interest in mind.

We are fighting this proposal and so can you by going to The Regal Swan Foundation's Facebook page to learn more about the proposal. You and your friends should write your local Senators and Assemblymen to stop the proposal. The Regal Swan

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