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Re: Flight Feathers
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 6 March 2014
In Response To: Flight Feathers (Jeanne)

Hi Jeanne:

If the feathers are truly pinioned, the swans should not be able to fly. They may be able to get above the water, maybe 6 feet, but that should be the only height achieved. One side of the wings are pinioned or clipped to keep the swan off balance and rendered unable to fly. If you clip the other side, you might actually provide the swans with more balance.

All swans, including captive swans will migrate. Migration may mean that they walk south into another pond until retrieve them and bring them back to their area for nesting. This "migration" occurs twice a year, once during normal migration periods (September) and again, once nesting begins to scout an appropriate area to nest.

If they just began to wander, there is a reason. Are there children, predators (domestic, i.e., dogs, cats) or wild (bobcats, foxes, raccoons), etc.? Something has caused them to be concerned about their habitat and it usually is from either human or predator interference. It could also be environmental. Has anything been added or deleted from their habitat? Any major changes, i.e., new buildings or structures? Anything that changes or threatens the birds in their mind, could be the reason that they are looking for another habitat for the nesting season.

The best thing that can be done is to provide a pen, 12 x 24, enclosed top to bottom so that no predator can dig under the pen or climb into the pen. The pen should be placed 1/2 on land and 1/2 in water with a feeder inside. On the land, place straw (do not use hay (greater chance of mold) or anything with pine straw as pine sap can negatively affect their feathers. Should you need further information, please contact us. The Regal Swan

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