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Re: swans/geese in same area?
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 13 March 2014
In Response To: swans/geese in same area? (Barb)

Hi Barb:

What is the temperament of your Black Swans? What is the temperament of your geese? How big is your pond/habitat? These three questions are going to determine whether the two species will interact in a positive way. Most, NOT ALL, MOST Black Swans are very defensive of their territory and will work overtime to remove anything that encroaches on their territory. This defensiveness can cause one or both species to get hurt or even killed.
If there is adequate nesting, preening, bathing, molting and shelter areas, along with enough food so that there is no need to compete, the cohabitation may be much more amicable. If there are domestic animals such as dogs, cats or wild predators that can pressure the two species from an area so that they compete for shelter against predation or inclement weather, the chances of a successful cohabitation will be compromised.
So, if you are going to put both together, you need to monitor them closely especially during mating season since this is when most defensive behavior takes place. Any sign of defensive or aggressive behavior needs to be dealt with quickly and the two species permanently separated. We hope this information is of benefit. Please let us know how this works out. The Regal Swan

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