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Swan on ice, what food to give
Date: 23 March 2014

Hello, I was wondering about how swans survive in these frigid waters of north America. I live in Michigan by Port Huron and was walking my dog when I seen three swans frozen in the canal. First I thought someone was using them as target practice. Until I woke this morning and its quite cold outside and the canal is starting to freeze over. I saw this swan not moving but its family was about 20 feet away where the water wasn't frozen over probably because the five of them are constantly moving. So I went over to see and sure enough it was stuck. So I grabbed a long stick and started breaking the ice the best I could and then the swan started moving toward it family. Finally it was able to make it over to his family. There was no way I was going to let this one die. This particular family has been coming back since the three little baby's were first born. Is it okay to give swans crackers? I think they're beautiful creatures and I'm just curious. Thank you

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