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Re: Swans mating and nesting
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 24 March 2014
In Response To: Swans mating and nesting (Charles)

Hi Charles:

Yes, swans will check the area for a safe place (free from predators, wild and domestic (dogs, cats and humans), easy access and exit from the water (no steep banks), good food resources and a non-competitive environment so they are not having to compete with other swans or other waterfowl/wildlife. Since you are from the U.K., and you have had a great amount of water this year, the swans may be looking for an area that will not flood or provides enough water throughout the nesting period so that the mother swan and the cygnets do not have to travel a great distance to access the water.

Usually, swans will mate throughout the year as this is a means of bonding. However, if they are mating for breeding (once a year- unless they are Black Swans which produce a brood twice a year), then they will mate and begin nest building within 1-2 weeks. Then, the swans will mate for two weeks, laying an egg, every other day until the number of eggs that are supposed to be produced by the female have been layed. Once mating has occurred and the female has produced or is ready to produce an egg, then she is considered pregnant. However, there are no guarantees that even though they mate prior to the laying of an egg, that the egg will be fertile. The Regal Swan

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