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Need HELP finding a reserve/rescue in GA
Date: 29 March 2014


My original email to you was 3/20 "4 swans co-existing", things have been getting pretty ugly! we have had several rescue's this past week, including two this morning. One of our swans has angel wing and can't fly, this one has been nipped, and pushed under several times, he/she has found some peace for the time being at a far end of the lake (unfortunately, that is the end that previous nests have been built. In any case he/she is safe at the moment). The other swan, has also been nipped, attacked by both (the two being territorial) and pushed under. This swan is on land by our club house, still has access to the lake, but for obvious reasons, is not going near it. We have set up a baby pool (under our outdoor video camera's) and food, in hopes of keeping the other two at bay for a bit.

If you could be of any help in providing any names and/or numbers, it would be greatly appreciated! Our development is in Johns Creek GA (area code 30005). If easier to discuss via phone, please let me know and I can provide my number to an email address.

Thank you,
Laura S.
Chair, Swan Committee

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