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Wet tree leaves on the swan nest
Date: 30 March 2014

Hi Folks,

I am emailing you from Victoria, BC. Canada. I live on the Gorge waterfront which has been the home for a number of swan families for decades. Unfortunately, their numbers have diminished over time for unknown reasons. However, over these past 5 years or so, the offspring, from the only mating pair left, are remaining in the area as single entities or have decided to couple up & try nesting themselves. I am not so sure about the aspects of assumed inbreeding. I have been very protective of these wonderful creatures observing their mating and nesting procedures for many years. They nest right across the channel from our home so I have been able to watch them each year as they go through the process of creating yet another brood of babes. This year, they have decided not to use their habitual nest location and have moved. I visited the old nest area yesterday to discover that someone had dumped a great deal of tree leaves into the nest. I suppose they thought the leaves would provide a softer nest for the returning couple. However, the leaves are wet, from Spring rains, and although I observed the female swan sitting there for a while she is now gone & relocated their nest.

??? Do you think the wet leaves deterred them from using their old nesting site???

I look forward your reply.

All the best,

Shaun Lees.

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