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Re: Food for orphaned baby swans
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 31 March 2014
In Response To: Food for orphaned baby swans (Jeanne)

Hi Jeanne

Use poultry layer mash with finely cracked corn.They need the corn as an important source of Vitamin A. Add small pieces of lettuce. Place lettuce on top of water with mash and corn submerged in water. While you watch the cygnets swim in a small rubber tub (warm water), feed them. They will eat while swimming. Once they learn to feed as they swim (they begin to eat 24 hours after hatching) they will take food from a dish without swimming. However they must be allowed to swim at least 10 minutes (three times a day-gradually increasing the time as they grow) to help them develop leg strength. You must watch them closely as they can easily drown or chill in the water at a very young age. Also insure that there are no steep edges for their entrance /exit from the water to hurt their legs or feet which are extremely fragile. An injury to legs or feet can be deadly for any waterfowl. How you handle or pick-up the cygnets is also important so no leg or foot injuries occur. The Regal Swan

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