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Thoughts on sterilizing swans?
Date: 16 April 2014


We last spoke back in March (4 swans co existing), after countless hours...we found a wonderful home for the two swans that were being run off by the other two. We were able to gently catch them with a blanket and transport them 20 miles away to their new home, a day apart. It was just amazing when they found each other in their new surroundings!

We are trying to think ahead, to avoid this potential, future, problem after the maturity of new cygnets. Our original pair had several nests before any cygnets survived (snapping turtles, hawks, ect.)

We take the care of our swans seriously, and if they can't coexist on our property without going through what we just experienced...we would like a professional opinion on sterilizing one of them. Have you had experience with this? How do you feel about this? Your feedback is appreciated.

The Mute swan doesn't have the best reputation. In our search for a "forever home", we had several offers to "safely keep" the swans, until they could "sell" them. We were not interested in any of these proposals. We were very lucky to place them on a private property, and we are invited to visit them whenever we want... We DON'T believe we will be this lucky, time after time.

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