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Re: Thoughts on sterilizing swans?
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 16 April 2014
In Response To: Thoughts on sterilizing swans? (Laura)

Hi Laura:

Chemical sterilization has been proposed for many years, but at this time, there is still no viable way to conduct this procedure. There are only 3 options for you:

1. Trade out your male and female for either two males or two females. This would be our choice, even though you are displacing your pair from their home. But, in the grand scheme of things, it is the most humane way.

2. Oil the eggs, which is the procedure that the U.S. Wildlife Services and other state agencies are using to control populations. We find this extremely cruel as you are, in fact suffocating a developing embryo and preventing its eventual viability. Conversely, this is probably more humane than having these same entities stomp the cygnets to death, decapitate or shoot the adult swans.

3. Work a deal out with someone like Bob Knox at Knox Swan and Dogs to take the cygnets at 6-8 months of age. Bob uses the swans to chase geese from properties such as golf courses, parks and cemeteries. He also maintains a breeding stock. Both the breeding stock and the ones he uses for goose removal are all collected during the winter and placed on a pond at his residence so they have a good home. His number is 847-875-3947. This would be an ideal situation because you have a good home for the cygnets and are not displacing the original pair from their home. The Regal Swan

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