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Re: 1 male loses 2 mates in 5 years
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 18 April 2014
In Response To: 1 male loses 2 mates in 5 years (Pam)

Hi Pam

Yes, but this is not typical behavior. There could be a couple of other reasons for the deaths to include illness, egg impaction, poisoning, etc. We have seen swan mates actually try to kill their mates to put them out of their misery when something is severely wrong with the mate. We have seen the same behavior with extremelythemck or injured cygnets.

Now, having said this, there is also another possibility. Male swans generally do not re-pair after the loss of the first mate. This also is based upon individual attributes. But, your male may not want another mate and is content to go about his life alone. He may be chasing, nipping and inadvertently injuring the females to remove them from his space. We would suggest that he not be re-paired especially since there are new state laws regarding the breeding of swans in captive settings (You may need to check with your state wildlife officials before breeding). The Regal Swan

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