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Re: Swan and a Canadian goose
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 21 April 2014
In Response To: Swan and a Canadian goose (Bonnie)

Hi Bonnie:

Depending on the swan species and the individual swan personality attributes, some swans will either chase or tolerate other species in their habitat. In some cases, although not usual, different species may become "friends" with each other if there is an ample food source, good shelter from inclement weather and predators and an ample area for bathing, preening and nesting.

If the other swan does not return, they may continue to "pal" around. However, if the swan returns, the chasing may resume. If the missing swan was chased or attacked by a predator, the two species may be alerting each other to the predator and there is safety in numbers. The Regal Swan

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