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Re: Dimensions of a swan house/coop
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 22 April 2014
In Response To: Dimensions of a swan house/coop (Mark)

Hi Mark:

Swans do not like to have any overhangs such as coops or other such structures. If you are thinking of maintaining them indoors for nesting or general protection at night, then they need to be housed in a garage (free from chemicals or other hazardous gases or obstacles) a shed or barn in which predators cannot dig under the shelter or climb into the shelter to access the birds. The floor should be a substrate such as straw or other non-abrasive surface. Food and water must be provided and protected from pests such as ants and rats. The straw or substrate, water and food should be cleaned on a daily basis. Furthermore, there should be adequate ventilation with adequate cooling or heating depending on the outside temperatures and the swans not subjected to a direct draft.

The minimum size for any shelter or pen should be at least 12 x 24. Again, most swans will not go into any coop type setting. The Regal Swan

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