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Re: Swan not allowed to reproduce
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 24 April 2014
In Response To: Swan not allowed to reproduce (Willette)

Hi Willette:

What species do you have? This researcher is basing the information on misinformation. So, here is the fact. If the swans are Mute Swans, the U.S. Wildlife Services and state wildlife entities have provided the American taxpayer with bogus causes for removing the Mute Swans, i.e., aggressive, non-native, invasive and any other reason that they can come up with so that the gullible public does not understand their ulterior motives. Mute Swans are being shot, stomped to death or decapitated because the wildlife entities want to remove them so that they can introduce the larger Trumpeter Swans Species. Once the Trumpeter Swans are introduced, they will be hunted as a Trophy Waterfowl so that hunting permits can be sold and help fill state and wildlife coffers which are shrinking due to budget cuts.

So, these researchers, wildlife officials, etc., will tell everyone that they cannot have any cygnets, because their ulterior motive is to eradicate an entire species. Once your swans die, they will (if they have not already) introduce state legislation that no one can possess the Mute Swans. So, this is the reason that we are fighting this ridiculous program based on no scientific research. Eradicating a whole species in order to bring back a species for hunting purposes is not only stupid, but extremely unethical. However, we as taxpayers are paying the bill for this wildlife “management plan” for Mute Swans.

Ask her what she is doing with the eggs? If they are Trumpeters, they are probably being incubated, hatched and raised so that the birds can be released in the wild to propagate. Once their numbers increase, they will eventually be hunted.

Taking a swan’s or any other bird’s egg during the nesting season, does hurt the female. Again, someone who does not know what they are talking about or doesn’t care. Female birds know how to count and they are programmed with a set number of eggs to lay. If the eggs are disturbed, they may double clutch. During egg laying, a female swan may lose up to 30% of her energy levels for the production of the eggs, nesting and limited feeding during the incubation period. If she double clutches, keeps laying eggs to replace the ones that are taken, her energy level could diminish so that she could deplete or energy reserves and either become run-down to the point of exhaustion, susceptible to illness or even death. The Regal Swan

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