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Re: Baby swan has a broken leg
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 24 April 2014
In Response To: Baby swan has a broken leg (Paige)

Hi Paige:

The cygnet may be able to survive a broken leg depending on how severe and the location of the break. It will not survive without veterinary care. You need to take the cygnet to a licensed avian/waterfowl veterinarian to have it examined and determine the course of treatment. With a break, the cygnet will probably need to undergo a somewhat prolonged treatment (2-3 weeks at least) meaning that it will not be able to be returned to its parents. You will need to find a new home so that it can be raised either alone or in the best case, with other young waterfowl such as a wildlife rehabilitation center, etc. The Regal Swan

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