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Female swan lost its mate
Date: 29 April 2014

Our male mute swan was murdered by trespassing fishermen on Friday. Apparently struck in the head. He was wobbling and flailing after attack. We manages to calm him and transport him to rescue group here in charlotte, nc. They were not helpful, crammed him in a cage. If I had known to find a specialist I would have taken him there. He was a very gentle bird, did nothing to provoke this attack. I held him on my lap and kept his head up during trip. His female seems ok, they had just finished the nesting cycle but with no cygnets. She still come to me, and we are wondering who to contact in the area, and when to contact for a younger male. She does well with ducks, but they "don't have her back" like her mate did. The lake owners now realize danger if allowing strangers on their lake. We just want to help her find her way to a new mate. They were a rescued pair when adopted and do not fly. Thank you in advance for any assistance.

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