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Black swans management
Date: 5 May 2014

I have discovered a (I think) a mating pairs of Black Swans in our creek which is a natural free flowing not very deep creek - since recent rains these two have been floating serenely up and down even when my dogs bark at them. They are absolutely gorgeous! I would like to know how to encourage them to stay as they have been here now continuously for about a week. I only just realised that you live in Canada and we are in Queensland Australia. That means climate is some what radically different and I do not want to domesticate the swans but would like to encourage them to stay. Our creek usually runs all the time but we had a very dry period over summer and the creek dried up for the first time in living memory here in the local district. However, we have had excellent rains in the last few weeks and look like having an uncharacteristic wet winter. I have seen the odd swan on other dams in the area and here on occasions but this is the first time we have had 2 together for this long. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Can you tell me if the swan lays eggs for eating or is that a fable???
Would like to hear from you regardless.

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