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Male Swan Alone
Date: 27 May 2014


If you remember me from a few months back ... our female swan was hit by a car and killed. The male was left on our frozen lake and we are unable to catch him. We managed to keep him alive during the horrible winter by installing several aerators, physically removing ice with our boat by hand or waders, and feeding him several times a day. He was regularly stalked by foxes.

A wild swan landed on our lake staying for a few weeks but all our male did was chase it around all day, never bonding with it. He is alone except for Canadian geese and ducks. I am reluctant to get him a female as New Jersey is now a state that wants to shoot mute swans. I am constantly nervous that some official will take notice of him and kill him. I try to keep him down my end of the lake. But my question is will he be okay on his own without a mate?


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