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Re: Male Swan Alone
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 28 May 2014
In Response To: Male Swan Alone (Lynne)

Hi Lynne:

The swan he chased was probably another male and he was declaring your pond off-limits as this I snow his pond. Let him stay alone for the time being, especially until the New Jersey mess resolves itself. We have worked to get legislation passed in New York to stop the killing and is presently making its way into the bill process. Hopefully, this will then spread to other states including New Jersey. We have started a petition on our Facebook/The Regal Swan Foundation page as well as Please go to our page and sign the petition to let your Governor, legislators and wildlife officials know that you are against this massacre vs management plan. Also, during the winter, try to keep the pond open with a larger section of water for him to bathe, feed, drink and escape the foxes. The Regal Swan

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