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Re: Two adult swans and 8 cygnets have disappeared from a pond in Falmouth, MA
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 28 May 2014

Hi Rita:

There could be any number of reasons for the swans to have disappeared.

Are there other areas of the pond that the adults could have taken the young birds without you being able to see those areas?

A predator may have chased the parents and the young birds from the habitat, (wild or domestic). Have you had any problems with predators such as raccoons, minks, foxes, etc., or dogs, cats or humans?

Sudden changes in the habitat may cause a swan to look for another site for their families, lack of food, shelter, lake drawdown, something added or taken away from the habitat due to construction or landscaping. Have you had any of these changes to the habitat?

Finally, the one that we do not want to consider, but it is occurring more frequently is that of hunting and removal by state and federal wildlife officials. State and Federal wildlife officials are removing Mute Swans and killing them so that they can open new habitats to introduce the larger Trumpeter Swan species which will in the next few years be used as a Trophy Waterfowl for hunting purposes. Wildlife budgets are experiencing huge deficits and now wildlife officials are trying to enhance these budgets by enticing hunters through Trophy Waterfowl which will greatly increase hunting and the cost of hunting permits.
We have been fighting with other entities to stop this killing and have successfully worked with legislators in New York to introduce legislation to stop the killing of Mute Swans in New York until wildlife officials can present true research instead of the false basis for killing the swans that have been perpetuated upon the taxpayer. Yes, the taxpayer is funding this killing and reintroduction of the Trumpeter Swans so that a few of the population can enjoy them by killing them. Should you like to find out if Massachusetts is part of this plan, we would suggest that you contact your state wildlife officials to see if they were the ones that could have taken the swans from your area. If you are in a homeowner’s association, they may have also been responsible for removing the swans.

Hopefully, it is the issue that the swans are on another side of the pond and will return in the near future.. Please let us know. The Regal Swan

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